Do gay dads get maternity leave?

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Do gay dads get maternity leave?

This is a great question and it couldn’t have come at a better time – so thanks for asking!

There is a common misconception that dads don’t get maternity leave, which is partially correct but not in the way you are thinking.


Yes! We sure do in Canada but i’ts called ‘parental leave’ which is more inclusive.

We don’t receive maternity leave but (in Canada at least) we are eligible for parental leave – which is essentially the same things, just a more inclusive way of saying it, Thanks Canada!

In Canada parents (including dads) are eligible for up to 18 months of parental leave and it can be split between parents however they choose.

My husband is currently on leave for 9 months and then once that is up, we will be trading off and I’ll be taking 9 months.

We are so fortunate to have this time to develop a strong early bond with our daughter.

There are also several added benefits associated with taking parental leave,


1. Understanding Your Newborn

At first, you’re not going to know what your newborn wants, you aren’t going to be able to decipher between a sleepy cry and a hungry cry, but don’t worry, you’ll get there.

The more time you spend with your newborn the more attuned you become with their body language. They will show you how they want to connect with you, and in time it will strengthen the bond between you.


2. Building a strong Relationship with your Baby

Bonding isn’t something that happens overnight, it will take some time. For many parents, bonding is a byproduct of everyday caregiving.

Parental leave really gives you the opportunity to continually strengthen the bond between you and your child. If you are fortunate enough to have the option of parental leave, take it.

It’s the best time to develop that early connection.


3. Transforming the Perception that Caregiving is a Female Responsibility

Parenting is a joint responsibility. It’s not gender specific.

It doesn’t matter if you are two dads, two moms, one dad, one grandma, three guardians, etc, etc, etc, caregiving comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Gender role theory is real and upholding it only generates more societal pressure for individuals that don’t fit that mold.

It’s time for us to shift our way of thinking.


Final Thoughts

Parental leave is such an awesome opportunity and I’m so fortunate to live in a country that recognizes it, regardless of gender.

In case you missed it, these are my top 3 reasons why I think parental leave is important,

  • Understanding your Newborn

  • Building a Strong Relationship with your Baby

  • Transforming the Perception that Caregiving is a Female Responsibility


Do you think dads should be allowed to take parental leave?

To dive a little deeper,

➡️ Do you think Canada doing parental leave right by allowing dads and moms equal amount of parental leave?

Let me know in the comments below or go join the conversation on Instagram (by clicking on the Instagram photo at the top of this post).



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