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Only Austin – My Blog

Who’s Austin? Is he cool or weird? Yes. Welcome to #onlyaustin. This is where you can find out what superpower I want and how much I weigh in jellybeans (4639).

Tune in every Friday for some fun as I share some weird facts about myself and answer “Only Austin” questions submitted by you guys 😊 

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Want to get to know me better? Ask me some weird questions and I’ll give you my honest answers.

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Last updated on January 30, 2021 by Austin

I'm Austin (SuperGayDad) ✌️

I’m a gay dad, a happy husband, and I’m  desperately trying to grow a moustache to achieve ultimate dadness… it isn’t going well.

I’m grateful for the gift of surrogacy that has helped us grow our family. I’m excited about the new frontier of NFTs and Amazon FBA.

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My NFT Project

Galactic Gaylords is an unapologetic NFT collection  celebrating queer representation in Web3.

Follow my project and make sure you join our Discord!

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