The best workout plans to follow in 2021

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The best workout plans to follow in 2021

When it comes to workout plans, I’ve tried a lot over the years. I’ve found that the best method for me, and my body type, is to alternate between two different programs.


I have two One workout program for cutting (done in the summers) and one workout program for bulking (done in the winters).


I’ll normally switch my workout plans based on two variables.

‘End Goal’ is the first variable and ‘Season’ is the second variable but they work hand in hand.

Generally I’ll bulk in the winter seasons to gain muscle mass and then cut just before, and during the summer seasons.

Why you ask? Well because (shock-gasp-disbelief), I like to show off my body during the summer season. anyone who has played volleyball with me can attest to that.

When it comes to the details of the programs, I religiously follow Craig Capurso’s ’30 Days Out’ program for cutting and  ‘Arnolds Blueprint’ for bulking.


Program #1 (Cutting): ’30 Days Out’ Craig Capurso’s Extreme Cut Trainer

This plan is only 30 days long and it’s what I use when I need to cut and drop body fat for the summer season.

I’m going to be honest with you, this is HARD. This is a demanding plan that produces incredible results, assuming that you are coming in with a solid starting point.

This full-body program is 6 days a week with 1 hour workouts that draw from multiple HIIT disciplines in tandem with weight training.

The best part about this workout is that you can still find it FOR FREE on YouTube. Craig runs through every single workout (ALL 30) in a separate YouTube video. these videos always get me motivated to go… I’ve watched them so many times!


Program #2 (Bulking): The Arnold Blueprint to Mass

This plan is 60 days long and focusses on 5 days a week of split muscle workouts:
1. Chest & Back,
2. Shoulders and Arms,
3. Legs
4. Repeat

There is only one rest day a week and this program is very heavy on weightlifting… so if you don’t like weightlifting then it may not be the right fit for you.

If you aren’t afraid to work hard and eat big then this program is for you… I’ll admit, I struggle with the eating big part.

This program used to be free on but it isn’t anymore due to their new subscription model. Though I’m sure you can find it somewhere online for free.


Tracking: Bodyspace App

I just wanted to throw in a quick shoutout to the tracking app I use. It’s called bodyspace and it was developed by

It’s no longer being updated because I think they are trying to phase it out for a paid model, but I still use it and the community on it is great.

If you end up signing up feel free to send me a friend request @austnplz


Final Thoughts

In my opinion, you should be following a program that aligns with the end goal you want for yourself.

All too often we get caught up in a routine and do the same workouts day in and day out. This is why people plateau.

Keep things interesting and switch up your workouts. Try these ones out and let me know what you think of them.


What is your favourite excercise at the gym?

Mine is the Svend Press. I learned it from Craig’s program. If you have no idea what that is – go look it up or better yet, go try out Craigs program.


Last updated on March 16, 2021 by Austin

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