6 Best Reasons to Use Helium 10 in 2024 (Boost Amazon FBA Sales)

Austin Please
Updated on
December 20, 2023
Can’t outrank your Amazon FBA competition?
Can’t get to page 1 of Amazon search results?
If you’re struggling with building your Amazon FBA business, here’s the tool to get you on track.

With more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, how do you get your product to your target customers?

Experts agree that to carve a successful niche, you must penetrate a market that isn’t heavily saturated and then offer a unique product that solves your customers’ needs.

But if you can’t get to page 1 of search results on Amazon, then it still won’t matter if you’re offering the best product there is on your market. If it can’t be found, it won’t sell.

That being said, it isn’t easy to get to page 1. But it’s not impossible if you have a strategy.

Once you get to page 1, your goal then is to make consistent sales to remain on top. And then you can say hello to consistent $$$ profits.

So how do you get to page 1 then?

You can either do manual meticulous keyword search and selection, price comparison and stock up on plenty of inventory (without assurance that you’ll get results in a short time to earn your ROI) or…

Use Helium 10 to fast track your Amazon FBA business.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is the best tool for Amazon FBA sellers who want to optimize their SEO, conduct accurate product and keyword research, organize refunds, protect their business from fraud and manage their inventory. In other words, it’s an all-in-one suite that helps you get your Amazon FBA business to outpace your competitors’ performance.

You might ask, but how does it differ from other tools out there?

The fact that everything you need to get your Amazon FBA business to the next level is all bundled in this tool.

We all know how competitive it is to sell on Amazon and if you’re not equipped with a high-level tool that gets you ahead of the rest, it’ll take you years and years before you can profit from Amazon.

Think of Helium 10 as your sole management tool. There’s no need to maintain other apps to track your performance or search for the best keyword to use. You just need Helium 10 and that’s it!

Whether you’re a newbie seller or someone doing business on Amazon but just can’t get the results that you need, Helium 10 is the only end-to-end tool that you need.

Try Helium 10 (This is my special link)

6 Features of Helium 10 you Need to Know About

Helium 10’s amazing features include:

1. Product Research

  •  Product Validator - find suppliers, discover selling opportunities
  •  Amazon Product Research - use advanced filters to determine what product to sell and how to sell it from its 450 million ASIN database
  •  Amazon Trends Finder - look into your product’s demand forecast based on seasons or peak periods
  •  Metrics Calculator - determine your profits

2. Keyword Research

  • Reverse ASIN Keyword tool - use Helium 10’s Cerebro to discover keywords that will optimize your listing
  • Keyword Research - uncover which high-volume keywords will fit your product description
  • Misspelling Checker - rank for commonly misspelled words to better capture more queries

3. Listing Optimization

  • Keyword Processor - discover optimized keywords using the Frankenstein tool
  • Listing Optimizer - use Scribbles to move your used keywords to a list so you don’t neglect the important keywords that you’ve used in your other products
  • Keyword Index Checker - verify if Amazon has indexed your products in 30 seconds or less
  • Amazon Listing Insights - discover up to 10 competitors’ high-ranking keywords and strategies
  • Amazon Split Testing - run polls and receive feedback from straightforward questions

4. Operations

  • Inventory Manager - forecast and manage inventory logistics
  • Refund Genie - automate FBA reimbursements to get your money from damaged or lost inventory
  • Hijacker and Product Monitor - be altered 24/7 when another seller offers counterfeits of your products
  • Inventory Protector - prevent coupon abuse by customers and malicious competitors who buy large amounts of discounted products
  • Email Automator - answer customer questions and gain feedback fast and easy
  • Mobile App - access analytics and notifications straight from your device
  • Seller Assistant - request multiple reviews for your products with just a single click

5. Analytics

  • Financial Analytics - track profits, revenue, sales trends, inventory and overall performance
  • Market Tracker - conduct competitor intelligence and your place in the market
  • Keyword Tracker - track keyword rank in an instant including historical ranking

6. Marketing

  • Amazon Advertising Platform - use the AI too, Adtomic, to optimize ad ROI
  • Landing Page Builder - monitor your traffic and customize pages

Take note that some tools are only part of certain packages.

Build your keyword list. Optimize your product listings using related keywords and modifiers. Rank higher in Amazon search results.

Helium 10 is the ONLY tool that you need.

Will my Amazon FBA Business Benefit From Helium 10?

I’ve never used any Amazon FBA-related software as sophisticated and powerful as Helium 10.

Here are the benefits of using this software:

  • Comprehensive suite of Amazon-focused tools
  • Easy-to-use features and tools
  • Highly accurate and powerful data analytics functions
  • Keyword scoring tool based on the opportunity each represents
  • Refund Genie tool helps you verify when you have due refunds by FBA
  • Comprehensive competitive intelligence feature
  • Responsive customer service

Frequently Asked Questions About Helium 10

1. Is Helium 10 good for new Amazon FBA sellers?

Yes, it is. Don’t let the range of features intimidate you from using this powerful platform. You’ll enjoy discovering the tool and how it can support your eCommerce business.

If you’re new to Amazon FBA, access Helium 10’s Freedom Ticket. It contains tutorials on selling successfully on Amazon.

2. Does it offer a free trial?

Yes, there’s a free version. You can upgrade anytime. However, you’re limited to using Cerebro to only twice a day and Scribbles for only 30 days.

Free Trial

3. How much is Helium 10?

There are four different packages namely, Starter, Platinum, Diamond and Enterprise. Each package has a different price and set of features.

But as an avid reader of my blog, here’s a special treat for you.

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4. Does it produce highly accurate results?

Yes, it does. From sales estimates to keyword rankings, you’re assured of its accuracy.

5. What is Cerebro?

Cerebro is Helium 10’s reverse ASIN tool that helps discover competitors’ keyword strategies. This Amazon-focused keyword tool will help you optimize your listing and boost your sales.

6. How can I order Helium 10?

Clicking this link to get you my special discount :)

Last Updated on
December 20, 2023
Austin Please

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Austin Please
I’m a gay dad, a happy husband, and recently my own boss. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, i’m still striving to grow a mustache to achieve ultimate dadness.
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