3 Crazy Activities to Try in 2024 (Adrenaline Packed)

Austin Please
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December 20, 2023

I’m a bit of a daredevil.

I think it comes from the thrill I get from pushing my limits both mentally and physically.

So, this question is perfect! Thanks for submitting it and giving me something fun to share.

A lot of you might already know this, but I grew up playing competitive paintball, which is considered an extreme sport. I even had the chance to compete in the world cup.

But I’ve always wanted to try other extreme sports and activities.

Extreme sports are addictive, thanks to a little ol’ hormone called adrenaline that our body produces when it faces certain external stimuli.

Adrenaline acts as a vasodilator and improves our respiratory capacity so that more oxygen reaches the muscles and as a result, you´ll feel stronger, lighter, and faster.

In other words, adrenaline is nature’s way of giving us the energy and power to go on.

You’ve heard of ‘fight or fight right’? – yeah that.

If I had to choose my top 3 activities to chase down that euphoric feeling, they would definitely be…

1. Canyoning

Canyoning: (also known as canyoneering) Is the act of navigating down a fast-flowing mountain stream in a gorge using a variety of techniques including abseiling, climbing, sliding and jumping.

Canyoning made my list because it’s so well rounded. You’ll get to hike, climb, swim, rappel, etc. It just sounds like so much fun.

Canyoning is the perfect choice for thrill seekers who want to experience the rush of adrenaline from a variety of activities. This sport combines rappelling, climbing, swimming and jumping, making it one of the most challenging and exhilarating extreme sports out there.

It’s like the ultimate Christmas present. You know, one of those gifts that you open, and its filled with even more gift… merry Christmas to me!

2. Cavern Diving

Cavern Diving: Is the act of scuba diving in the opening area of a cave that receives direct sunlight, doesn’t go too deep, and is within the cave entrance.

Cavern diving is an amazing example of combining exploration and adrenaline. You get to explore one of the most impressive and mysterious places in the world while still feeling the rush that comes with extreme sports.

When you dive into these magnificent caverns, you’ll be immersed in a world of natural beauty and wonder. What’s more, the danger of cave diving adds an extra layer of excitement that makes it even more exhilarating.

3. Wingsuit Flying (aka Squirrel Suit)

Wingsuit Flying: (also known as wingsuiting) is a variation of skydiving where a person will fly in the air using a special jumpsuit called the wingsuit that increases surface area for gliding.

The birdman suits (or flying squirrel suits) are aerodynamic and give the wearer high control of their movements in the air.

Wingsuit flying is not just an extreme sport, it’s also a unique experience that allows you to explore the skies like never before.

The Wingsuit is a specially designed jumpsuit with several different fabric panels that create lift and allow the wearer to achieve speeds of up to 200mph. It has two arm wings and one leg wing, which gives you a feeling of flight similar to birds.

When flying in your Wingsuit, you’ll get an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. Plus, it provides the opportunity to explore and discover new places from the sky that can’t be seen any other way.

This is terrifying… and I really want to try it.

Final Thoughts on Extreme Sports

Extreme sports and activities are a great way to challenge yourself, push your boundaries, and experience the rush of adrenaline. Whether you’re an experienced extreme sport enthusiast or just starting out in this thrilling world, it is important to remember that safety always comes first. Make sure you research all necessary precautions before taking part in any activity and never take unnecessary risks. With proper preparation and a little bit of courage, these exciting adventures can be enjoyed safely while providing memories that will last a lifetime.

I guess I’m just a sucker for a nice hard hit of adrenaline every now and then.

So go ahead – let loose your inner daredevil!

Last Updated on
December 20, 2023
Austin Please

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Austin Please
I’m a gay dad, a happy husband, and recently my own boss. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, i’m still striving to grow a mustache to achieve ultimate dadness.
Austin Please
I’m a gay dad, a happy husband, and recently my own boss. But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, i’m still striving to grow a mustache to achieve ultimate dadness.
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